Mouse hover text / help


As we were already discussing in Telegram, I think it would be very useful to have the mouse hover text in the program to explain the buttons. Those of you who work with AOG, these buttons are sure to be clear. But for us new users not so much.
Wiki says well I think the complexity of the user interface. There are 61 different points! By way of example, a person unfamiliar with the subject may not find the difference between paragraphs 21 and 29.

This feature certainly won’t work on all touch screens, but at least it would be easier to get to know in the office.

Sincerely humble



It is a great idea. It would definitely help learn what all the buttons do. I did ask Brian about this 2 years ago they are called “tool tips”. Here is his answer in the combine forum AgOpenGPS | Page 67 | The Combine Forum