MTZ8302 section control w5500 ethernet module problems

Hi, I am attempting to build some section control for our sprayer and would like to use UDP over Ethernet. Getting the W5500 lite module to work has me stumped. It creates an Ethernet network but the IP is instead of the it should be. I had it on my board but eventually took it off to try and troubleshoot on a bread board but nothing has changed. The pins should match the ones outlined in the esp32 sketch. Any help would be appreciated.

Essentially, getting any IP that begins with 169.254 tells you that something isn’t working.

Is the IP coming over wifi? I am using MTZ for external switches over wifi with machine nano over udp for section relays. I haven’t tried the w5500.
I get an IP like that for wireless adapter. I can tell you the blue light should mean it’s talking to AOG. Machine board will not go green on this over wifi.

Look at beginning of sketch. It explains the web browser. Matthias did a great job on it. Very helpful. I was going to convert to w5500 after problems last year. I found issue was my router. Running off tablet hotspot gas worked flawless this year.

There is a debug section on web browser that should help figure it out.

It says it detects the Ethernet hardware on the debug and lists the correct IP address but after that debugging quits because it doesn’t actually communicate with AOG.

Will be a couple days before I can try anything else because now I managed to fry my ESP32 will testing the rest of the of the wiring. Nothing even wired wrong. Just bumped a wire with 12v on the wrong thing.

Did you try the browser before it quit working? Not sure if you are in US. If so Amazon has a 3pk of those really cheap.

Do you mean the web interface? Yea all of that seemed to be working well.

Ok, anytime I could see web interface, it was communicating with AOG on my tablet. There wasn’t any indication on AIO that it was connected. If I connected switches to inputs, or touched inputs, it would turn sections on or off. This doesn’t help you with w5500. It is helpful to see things communicating. I had best luck not putting any wifi host info in browser. Setting timeout to 30 seconds. Then connect computer wifi to esp. You might already be doing this. Has been solid this spring.
Good luck