MTZ8302 section switches

I was able to get Matthias’s section switches to communicate over WiFi on ESP32. I was wanting to use “zone” on switch inputs. The inputs came in as sections. It also seems the inputs need external pull-up resistors. They weren’t stable. Could someone help me with this please? TYIA

may you put a circuit diagram of what you have build? I didn’t understand the question.
The Main and the rate switch is a (on)/0/(on) toggle switch witch 0V/1,375V/3,3V to the ESP. The Auto/Man and the section switches are on/off switches to GND or 3,3V with internal or external pullup or pulldown. Software would support both

Can supply diagram later. Currently only have toggle switches for main and sections 1-6 tied to inputs on PDF. Other terminal of switch all tied together with one wire to gnd of esp32. Software was copied from all separate files on Brian’s pcb and firmware GitHub under MTZ. I only altered WiFi sign in info. I don’t remember if there was any other setup code on ino I altered. Definitely a lot of different files or tabs to make it compile. I would like to have 1 esp for 6 zones in tractor. Another esp on planter for 12 sections to control. Prefer Ethernet cable for comms. I’m sure WiFi will work fine. I just would rather have rj45 connectors and cables if not much with involved to do that.


I just noticed you said the different voltages for auto an main. I didn’t do that. I just left input open, or connected to gnd with switches. I suppose you use resistors for voltage dividers? (30.0 KB)
I didn’t get a chance to draw circuit diagram. I made notes on the diagram I used.

The stability with inputs was my fault. I must need glasses. Thought I tied to GND it was CND instead. :person_facepalming: The main Switch changes all rows on and off on screen. I tied relays to outputs. They don’t switch with AOG like I would expect. It seems the ESP doesn’t like the voltage I’m giving it. If I switch main off and on, then sections go yellow. I have 38 pin esp. My terminal says SVN instead of VN for Manual. I put a pullup on it and took to GND. It responds, but not like I would expect. This is the first time I have ever done any 3.3V logic as well. Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks