Must i use a pcb

Must i use a pcb or can i still use this schematic using Aog v5. with the ino file for bno055? any schematics and help would be appreciated. Thanks Dylan

It will work on the bench but be pretty unreliable in a tractor. The capacitors filter electrical noise to give better performance. It will take you longer to wire up the components than building a pcb as well. I tried pcb less, on a perf board and it took ages, looks shitty and would drop out every now and then.

My experience as well.

V5 does not work with bno055. I had the same problem. you need to buy cmps14 or bno08x.

That’s how I built my first circuit: breadboards, DuPont wires and sandwich boxes. It worked fine, but vibrations sometimes caused wires to loosen.

Just build a PCB, it’s far more reliable.

After cople months in tractor dupoint lines are primary point of failure wires break off from connectors. Atleast once a week some screw connector gets loose or dopoint break.

But without them first system would be much harder.