MX305 Hydraulic Steering

Hello All,

Wanted to post my progress this far and say a big Thank You to Brian especially and all others who contributed.

I built a steering system for our MX305 accuguide ready tractor using the built in hydraulic solenoid, wheel angle sensor, and disable switch. The display was a Surface Pro. RTK signal provided by a pair of Ublox F9Ps - one as a base station, the other as the rover. Corrections transmitted via NTRIP. The base station F9P uart TX was fed into a Rasperry Pi which used RTKlib to stream to the RTK2GO NTRIP server. Roll was provided by a Dog2 inclinometer.

I will try to list my best and worst liked things below. Some of these may change with the more recent versions as I was using an older version of the software.Also - if anyone knows how to enable the safety steering solenoid (the one that enables the proportional steering solenoids) using the stock wiring harness I would love to hear from you.

Things I liked:

  • A physical switch to disable the steering
  • u-turn capability
  • built-in NTRIP client

Things that need improvement:

  • Steering stability. Front tires were always oscillating. I could tune for a specific speed somewhat well, but not good enough for critical applications.This is a big one for me.
  • u-turn line following. Tractor always turned wider than the desired curve for some reason.



Being outside of uturn is an easy fix. Just got to make uturns draw bigger than min turn radius.
Either, can fix it in code to always be say 10% bigger than min turn. then tractor has reserve turn ability to get back on line.
Or, could have another setting in vehicle form so it can be customised for each vehicle.

I m using one tablet for 3 vehicle , I prefer this way .