My agopen experience

So finally took the plunge,and with a lot of help from @TeddyStamford
Have got to the stage where my mf will drive its self round the field

Tablet mount and wheel motor

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Id like to say massive thank you to the agopen community.this is something i have looked into for a few years but only now took the plunge

Next step is set up the rtk


Well done!

Am going to document how I got a brand new steer-ready 6718S steering over CANBUS soon, that’s just an incredible way to go - literally two wire installation and done!

Is yours steer-ready perhaps?


no, mine isnt steer ready

Following :slight_smile:

but my 7480 is canbus for the vario and shuttle and i now have visions of the agrabot!! :joy:

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Ist use proper today spreading fertiliser at 21m

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Setting are getting near now


Just need to work on holding the camera one way per video! :rofl:

But looks good, big improvement on how you did it last year?

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I used to cut off 1 hedge but always 2 foot of overlap

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Nice job @davidroberts30.

Curious about your wheel angle sensor. What have you used?

Linear displacement sensor transducer position sensor scale 50-400mm | eBay

this what i used