My v4.5 boards have arrived

Pretty excited, i ordered them pretty soon after they were released
Hopefully do some testing this week. May have a few for sale if someone is interested. Located in Saskatchewan


That black finish looks great!

Thanks, I was hoping it would. Got every other board in black except the teensy.
I made a clear lexan cover for my Hammond enclosure so I can atleast admire one of them.

You need more blinky lights

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Je serai intéressé par l’une de vos cartes.
A combien les vendez vous avec les frais de port.
Je suis de France et dans le 44560

Też jestem zainteresowany jedną,
jestem z Polski.

Też jestem zainteresowany jedną,
jestem z Polski.

ty wiesz że jest sklep internetowy w Polsce sprzedający płytki gotowe PCB w 2 wersjach ?

Hi! I will take one :wink:

Where in sask? I’m south of Saskatoon. I ordered 5 All-in-one last year with them mostly put together by JCPCB, dual antanne. They’re still in the basement, as I just used my old one. Procrastinating… shoot me a text @ 306 856 3021. Thanks!

putting together my V4.5 board and all seems good but the BNO085. I have the 3V light comes on but I am not getting a signal through UDP. What do I need to check or what am I missing that the BNO is not sending signal? Thanks

But everything else works? Maybe check the pins are soldered good.

Yes so far, I have not put the motor driver on yet as I was putting one thing on at a time. What is the best way to check pin are soldered good. They look good, what type of signal can I check for? The power is good. Just by chance does the BNO need configured? I am using new ones and have done nothing with them.

What firmware are you running? Single or dual GPS? The standard firmware creates a PANDA sentence that has a mix of data from the GPS and the BNO if you are using a single GPS. The firmware doesn’t put a stand alone IMU “signal”.

firmware 6.1, single GPS