- A complete range of navigation parts

Hello, I present to you the Polish website with parts for navigation based on AgopenGPS

The store offers:

  • BARAKA hydraulic blocks in LS and OC versions (available immediately)
  • all modules needed for the PCB (Cytron, Teensy, BNO, F9P)
  • Engines
  • PCBs
  • GPS modules
  • Wires
  • Connectors
  • Steering sensors
  • Engine mounts
  • 3D and aluminum cases
  • CNC basics for Panasonic, Xplorer tablets and whatever you want
  • mounting tablets on the tractor post
  • ball mounts
  • KEYA motor
  • Used Panasonic and Dell tablets

I invite you to visit

International shipping determined individually via e-mail contact (at least in the near future)


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