- Distributor of KEYA motors in Europe

I am pleased to announce that after fruitful talks with the manufacturer of KEYA engines/steering wheels, our online store has become their distributor in Poland and Europe.

For you, this means faster shipping and a manufacturer’s warranty (12 months) in our store

The first batch of engines will arrive at the end of February The regular price is PLN 3,000 gross. For people who decide to buy a KEYA steering wheel in pre-sale in the coming days, I will be able to offer a discount :wink:

I encourage you to join the Telegram chat, where AgOpen users, in cooperation with KEYA, solve problems with connecting engines to AgOpenGPS :smiley:

We issue 0% invoices for taxpayers with an EU VAT number

Please contact me or go to :smiley:


Great work - do you offer a range of different adapters too, sold individually?

Thank you for the kind words :smiley:

Of course. We will offer several dozen adapters of various types

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Perhaps my short test and opinion will help someone. If anyone has a problem with translating the subtitles, feel free to write. I invite you to watch the video :wink:

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Great job! We’re pleased to see the mutual cooperation between Nvaisklep and Keya. I’m always behind you to provide necessary support.

New test sticker for the steering wheel ! :smiley:


The final version of the KEYA steering wheel sticker (for now :P)

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Hi I am trying to order a Keya wheel on your website. Where is the option to pay with credit card? I only see options to transfer to bank, COD, or transfer 24.

Yes I know.
Unfortunately, foreign orders will be processed via e-mail for some time because our IT specialist has not had time to make changes to our online store.

Feel free to write an email to and we will prepare a package for you.
As far as I know, we probably have the last item in stock.
The next delivery will be in about 2 weeks.
It will also be possible to buy just the steering wheel :slight_smile:

By then (or sooner), I will produce additional engine mounts that do not require cutting holes in the steering column :slight_smile:
I’ll add photos here when I have them ready!

Greetings :grin:

Can you sell/post to the uk?

It is no problem. We just need to do customs clearance :slight_smile: This is the same procedure as for shipping from China.
But the shipment from Poland will arrive faster due to the distance of both countries :slight_smile: