Navspark PX1122R: corrupts mouse/touchscreen input randomly

So I have 3 of these devices, all on latest firmware. If I put any of them on a Windows machine when they’re in rover mode, after a while, the GPS function goes down and my touchscreen input jumps around and clicks randomly. I have to shut down the computer by holding down power and unplug the USB. It works otherwise for a while again, getting RTK fix, etc. then does it again. They are connected via the USB1 master slot, I haven’t tried just putting them on a 2102 via the TX/RX pins yet as I haven’t figured out how to get correction data to it that way, and I’d like to set up a dual GPS system in the tractor for which I would imagine I’ll need those pins free.

This happens on a Windows laptop that I use to configure the devices as well as the toughpad in the tractor, and an extra toughpad I have lying around. In Base mode, it seems stable as I have one running on SNIP to send RTCM to rtk2go and haven’t had any issues.

Anyone see this with these modules and find a solution? Would building one into an ESPRTK and addressing that work better, and if so, anyone have a guide on doing that?

try goin to device manager and disabling “bluetooth mouse” on that com port.


Wow. So I have never seen such a thing and it never occurred to me that it would be the issue. About one in 3 times I plug that module in, it shows up as Microsoft Serial Ballpoint.


I’ve disabled it so hopefully that fixes the issue. Thank you very much for pointing me in this direction, I don’t think I would have figured it out.

Stuff like this is why I’ve used Linux for the last decade, I guess. I’ve lost my Windows troubleshooting skills, I can’t think of the ridiculously dumb ways it is capable of breaking anymore. I’m guessing there’s an overlap in VendorIDs or something its getting off the device that makes it think this.


My older tablet is doing this too, this could be good.

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I had to disable a couple versions of serial mouse that it decided that module was randomly. It’s working now but you have to somehow manage to get into Device Manager while the mouse jumps around like a Jack Russel terrier, it’s challenging.

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