NEAR-Swiss Network RTK on rtk2go

hello, yesterday I noticed a network RTK service called “NEAR-Swiss” listed in rtk2go. It’s supposed to have 22 base stations.

Did someone use corrections from NEAR-Swiss yet or knows something about it?

I’m interested because the swiss parliament recently turned down the free-RTK-for-farmers initiative. So we need to figure out an alternative to the federal RTK correction service…

A NEAR-network isn’t an independent network.
Rtk2go puts all stand-alone-stations in a (smaller) radius together and creats the near-network.
If you insert NEAR-Swiss as Mountpoint at your rover AND sends the GGA-message rtk2go automatically chooses the nearest station and sends this correction-data to you.

But using this near-networks you have to be carefully! If the different mountpoints aren’t all at ETRS89 and you are switched to an other mountpoint there maybe other results!