Need help to repair a fendt 714 Vario terminal tablet

I’m trying to repair my fendt 2017 terminal touch screen ,because it went black and won’t open.Any ideea on what should i look for on the board( any broken resistors,capacitors etc).The mechanics runned a diagnosis and the pins get the current, only problem they found has to be with the terminal board(maybe a broken fuse they said).The only solution they gave me is to change the terminal(which is about 2000 euros).Thanks!

you should find a good electronics service, a proven one who knows what he is doing and send the monitor for repair there… where are you from ?

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Is it possibly just the backlight gone ? Can you see anything on it?

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You should contact this company.

Very good for repair service for alot of brands

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Romania.I will try first to go to a local electronist for laptops in my city.Maybe he finds a solution.

No. It won t start :frowning:

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Will do if i don”t find any solution.

Nothing looks burnt or melted, how does it smell? Looks like there’s a polyfuse underneath the ampseal connector, its the white/gold thing. Check it for continuity.

Does the board get power at all?

Their site says they ONLY work with dealers

You could be more specific with the screen behaviour. If the backlight was dead, the screen looks dead, looks like it would not start but it actually does.

There are many companies that repair these displays if you can wait a bit, much cheaper than a new screen.

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Can this be welded back ?

Nothing is impossible but that’s not easily fixed. Usually you’d replace the ribbon cable, but this one will probably be hard to find a replacement for. It’s especially difficult when after you’ve fixed this, you can’t verify if you fixed it properly because you still have to fix the original problem.

Looks like the contacts are missing / torn off the upper part of that ribbon cable. No good way to reattach them. Is that the cable from the display? Pictures of the mating connector?