Need help trouble shooting F9P not showing up on All in one board

Hello Everyone,

I have a micro v4.1 board. that i have configured for auto steer in my 4640. i’m having issues connecting to the GPS. When i open AOG it connects and detects my BNO, and my Motor driver/steering but i’m not getting any connection with the GPS. The GPS led is out near the ethernet port, but the red light led is lit by the F9p. I have confirmed with the mutimeter it is getting power, and I have also plugged in to the USB micro socket by it, and can connect to the F9P via the usb and u-center via serial com on my computer. Any idea why it wouldn’t be detected by the board/through the ethernet port? I’m not sure where to go from here next.

Have you done the F9P config?

@WildBuckwheat I thought I did, but apparently I either didn’t do it to that chip, or i didn’t do it right.

I just reloaded the config files, and it is now working. Thank you. I had everything bench tested, looking good, got it all installed in the tractor and ready to test then had a freak out moment when it was working, thought i might have hooked something up wrong and fried it.

Tomorrow i guess i’ll take it to the field now that it is working.