Need help with an almost pre-equipped hydraulic system

Hello ,
I have a self-propelled sprayer, almost pre-equipped for a hydraulic autosteer. All the elements on the drawing are present on the sprayer.
BUT, the solenoid valve is not connected to the steering system.
So what am I missing to connect it securely?
The 3/6/9V indication has not been tested but was given to me by a man from the sprayer factory. I think it means 25/50/75% 12V PWM instead.

Sounds like you have a danfoss valve. If you could take a picture of the connector and post it, would be a lot of help
Does it have a wheel angle sensor on one of the front wheels

Thank for your answer .
The equipment is strictly what is on the drawing. There is a WAS added by me for AOG (a delphi).
The solenoid valve has a 3 wire electrical connector as shown above.
My question is not really about the electronic part, but rather about the hydraulic part.
What do I need to connect the solenoid valve to the standard orbitrol, I thought I needed a hydraulic block to switch between the solenoid valve and the orbitrol, but I don’t know what exactly.
But I will take a picture soon.

I just took a quick look on the danfoss website, it looks like my solenoid valve is a standard PVG.


to connect you just need switch valve 6/2

to disconnect them you put pressure switch NO in both line in paralle in L et R that you connect electrically in paralelle to remote of PCB

for solenoid valve management same as previous post o @Jhmach


first of all it is essential to know the hydraulic characteristics of the system, in particular you have to know if your orbitrol is reactive or not if it is reactive you need a 6*2 valve to select the circuit but if it is not reactive it Just put oneT on the Right and Left outputs in this case the steering wheel remains maneuverable and the simplest solution to deactivate the autoguiding remains the encoder on the steering column.

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