Need some help: Arduino section control


-Used hardware: AgOpenGPS develloper kit from Andreas Ortner (AgOpenGPS Set – DIY – Autosteer – Andreas Ortner) + optional compass/tilt + optional section control board.

-I was able to configure the Ublox gps using the accompanying guides (“mitglieder”) and it is working fine.
-I uploaded the “Autosteer_USB_v5_0” support files to the built-in Arduino. And got AgIO coupled to the two built in COM ports (GPS and Arduino). The gps, steer angle and compass/tilt seem to be working fine.

-Now when it comes to the section control it is not clear what steps to undertake.
The support files include also “Machine_USB_v5_0” files that control the section control. But since this is a separate program this is meant to be run on a separate Arduino and not controlled over the I2C bus like in the hardware i am using?
In the “Autosteer_USB_v5_0” files there is also a “autosteerrelays” code, but this is completely commented out and not called in the main program. So this does not seem what i need for the section control.

There also seems to have been a guide on the “mitglieder” page of Andreas according to google, but it does not exist anymore

What am i overlooking? Did i miss a guide somewhere? Or any other feedback what i am missing/doing wrong is welcome.

How does the optional section control board look like?
I don’t have one of these boards but I think it has an specific ino.

There is not a lot of info about this board here.
It’s this board?

Maybe there is no complete PCB for section control yet.

Actually Andreas Ortner does have a 8 relay board in his autosteer shop :slight_smile:

Some pictures of the used setup:

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Actually Andreas Ortner does have a 8 relay board in his autosteer shop

This is the one i am using(see pictures in other response). My plan was to buy everything in one place and use components that were supposed to work together. However during setup i am now a bit surprised by the availability of documentation.

As I remember, in version Autosteer_USB_4.3.10 there is support for i2c relay card:

  1. definition
    // MCP23017 I2C address is 0x20(32) #define Addr 0x20 #define PortA 0x12 #define PortB 0x13

  2. in setup
    //PortB configured as output //MCP_Write(0x01,0x00);

  3. in loop:
    #if Relay_Type == 1
    SetRelays(); //turn on off section relays

    #else if Relay_Type == 2
    SetuTurnRelays(); //turn on off uTurn relays

and also in
4) autosteerRelays.ino

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Contact Andreas, I don’t know of support for this board in the standard sketches. But he probably has a sketch that works for you.
The relay board is connected to the AutoSteer board, so you need relay switching functionality in Autosteer_USB_v5_0.ino I think

On his website, you see this:

All my pcb including relay card are ready to use - means the code is already on the pcb

So would that mean that now, when Bruno perhaps has uploaded a standard V5 ino he would now have to get a andreas ortner V5 ino from somewhere ?

Hello Andreas,

During purchase i did not select the option “16 PCB Konfigurieren”. So i did not expect the Arduino to be already configured and have overwritten it with the generic code from the support files.
Would it be possible to make your sketch available? Or if it already is to point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance.

The link on the website leads to the hardware installation guide, no arduino sketch (unless i am overlooking it :stuck_out_tongue: ). Since andreas is also in on this forum topic i will wait on his reaction.

V5.x expects a BNO08x, it automatically checks for one.

Fire up serial monitor and connect your PCBv2 Arduino to it, you will see it perform 2 checks for this device.

You can find the sketch for the autosteer pcb including the relay card here: