Needed hardware

Ok, I understand the AOG software, and I’ve already got a F9P. I tried to go with a cheap system with just DuPont wires. Let’s just say it didn’t work like I thought it would but it was good experience. I’m wondering if someone can walk me through a more permanent solution for autosteer. All help would be appreciated. I haven’t dealt with it for a while so I wasn’t sure if there were better ways to do it now. Thanks!

My first go was before the PCB options started to become available. It had plenty of issues, one of which was a change in one pin between the then latest firmware version and the wiring diagram I was following. At least with the birds nest it was possible to rewire it.

Using one of the tried and tested PCB designs is definitely the way to go though. It simplifies wiring it all up a lot and incormerates a lot of good features that are a hassle to achieve without a PCB.

So am I good to follow the steps in the wiki to order the V4 board? The PCB stuff is all new to me considering I was just doing birdnest wiring before. I almost just need a tutorial on things, is there anything like that on the discourse? Thanks!

Follow the guide on the wiki. Its really good for everything you need.
You dont need to buy everything identical but it seems theres more help/knowledge available if you keep it all standard. The only thing you might want to change is with the newer boards its possible to use a 12v motor instead of a 24v motor, this also stops the need for the 12v 24v converter which is quite big and bulky and not the easiest to try and hide behind the cab trim.
If you get stuck along the way there’s plenty of help on here and more than likely a topic about it already.

So I’m good to go ahead and order the PCB? Any super important information before I start the order? I’ve got the WAS already as well as the F9P, so Im good there. From what I understand the PCB basically just does the wring for you between all of the components? Thanks!

Make sure you order the right pcb for the correct f9p you have micro or standard.
Have a quick read through the v4 all in one thread .
Im sure ive read there was some small issues with the new v4 standard pcb but cant remember what.
Ive got the older v2.5 standard aio and was pretty simple to build and configure everything.
The v4 micro seems to get good reviews and its tried and tested.
Once you’ve got all your components there was a very recent very good thread added about electrical testing each component as you add it to the board to avoid any of the dreaded white smoke.
On top of the pcb and your components you’ll also need the steer motor and 3d printed gears if your going that way, teensy 4.1, bno085, cytron md13s motor controller. Some wiring and some switches and your good to have a go.
Most of all have fun and enjoy the journey, the end result is amazing.

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Ok, the PCB’s have arrived! If I’m correct I just need the teensy, BNO085(required?), and I’ve got an ads1115. Could I use that instead of the cytron? Where do you get the ampseal female connector? Are the switches required or could I use the tablet for that? Are there any good sources for wiring harness examples? Thanks!

You will need the bno085 and cytron for sure. The ads1115 you probably wont need if its been added by jlcpcb.
If you go onto the github and find the wiring harness/electric connector section you will find links to everything you need. Aliexpress is good for the connections and they sell the ampseal plug with wires already so saves alot of faffing about crimping the special ends on.
You don’t necessarily need an autosteer button you can you use the screen .
I would suggest fitting a switch the power up the whole pcb though