.NET core or full .NET?

is the source code a full .NET or a .NET Core application? We’re having trouble running the code in Visual Studio Code (we need cross-platform) , hence checking all the boxes…

.NET core does not contain WinForms, or any other GUI system, although MS has released an open source WinForms implementation for .NET core that might work with AOG. GitHub - dotnet/winforms: Windows Forms is a .NET UI framework for building Windows desktop applications. . Would be interesting to see if AOG would build with .NET core using it. I suspect it would.

Looking into that. Running AOG in vscode was no-go. But I see now that Visual Studio offers this option:

Hopefully this offers a way out…

What do you mean by “way out?” AOG compiles and runs on Windows only, due to its dependence on WinForms. While there are few technical reasons it shouldn’t build under .NET core (see below for WinForms), it’s not currently “cross-platform” at all, since WinForms is directly tied to the win32 API. In short, even if you built it with .NET core, it still won’t be cross-platform.

Also it currently looks like the WinForms implementation for .net Core is still very incomplete.

I was afraid of that somehow. Ok thanks for pointing that out. Cheers

Aog does run under wine on Linux on x86 computers.