New build

Hello All,

Just found this site today, wondering if any one has a comprehensive list of what all parts are needed to build out a new rtk system. I am located in west Tennessee, my farm is in one block for the most part, with the exception of 80 acres about 4 miles from the shop as the crow flies. I have experience with john deere gps equipment but would like to cut the cord. The end goal would be to build a variable rate soybean planter with section control driven by individual motors mounted to seed meters. Fortunately i have a good freind that understands the computer side of things, I am just looking for a general parts list to get started,

Thanks, Will

Hello and welcome, I am by no means an expert but there is a ton of information at this website:

And this youtube channel belongs to Brian Tee, the creator of this software. It has a lot of fun and interesting videos pertaining to AgOpenGps (AOG):

Brett thanks a lot, pretty cool stuff, I’m excited to get working with this, any clues on how to get the program to work with Linux Ubuntu?

Welcome! The Wiki page that was just linked is out dated but it still provides a tonne of info. We are working on a brand new wiki to address questions just like this. There is also a small wiki here just scroll to the bottom.

In short to build an RTK set up that doesn’t break the bank:
Buy a pair of U-Blox F9P chips with radios and antennas a lot of guys are buying a ready to use kit from Ardusimple. If you intend to use a free correction service via NTRIP then you will only need one board with one antenna and you’ll have to figure out where the closest Reference station is then use your cell phone as a hotspot for AgOpenGPS.

As for Autosteer you will have to build a PCB or buy a ready made board from @Aortner or someone else who is making them. The PCB is an all in one solution and if you already downloaded AgOpenGPS then you have the parts list in the AgOpenGPS Support folder.

Now as far as section control and VR stuff… the section control is already built in to AgOpenGPS but the VR has been taken out until it can be re-worked with version 4.x So section control is possible with a relay board. VR is not currently possible especially with multiple individual motors.

Hope this helps. Welcome and enjoy learning. There are lots of helpful and super knowledgeable people on here so ask away, and make good use of the search bar.