New Headland Drawing Page

Anybody keen and know how to change the headland drawing page?

Maybe @KentStuff had something in the tree version thats halfway there? (I remember something about tree lines intercepting the boundary or headland line and droping trees on that point)

Currently you can draw a headland even distance off the boundary, and if you want to move a section its not very clean.

It would be nice to make lines off the boundary at any distance needed (Just AB lines or Curves) then select these lines and where they intercept make points and draw the headland off only these points.

How about building multiple curves around the boundary at whatever distances you wanted each. Then the curves become the headland.


It would be a start, but sometimes the boundary is curved and you want a straight headland line. Thats why I thought it would be good to use line or curve but not sure how that works in the program?

Fair enough. What about import headland kml file. Might be easier to edit kml line in Google earth??

I like the idea of doing it all from the tractor seat within a minute or two.

Pull into a field, make a new field/boundary or open exciting field. Open the headland page and enter what’s needed and get going. And then if something doesn’t work you can quickly make a new headland.

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I think it would be useful to be able to add a headland on the A-B line. Create an A-B line using points on the map or driving, name it “Headland”

How do you want to do this? By dragging the edges, clipping to an abline, adjusting the offset from here to there, or building new by using existing lines and curves?

Make lines or curves off the boundary just like is done on the current boundary / line drawing page.

Would be good to select the lines then click build headland, if something is wrong it’s quick just to delete headland change the line then click build headland again.