New Holland 8870 with kaupoi board and upgrade to panda

Hello all,
Its been quite the journey to getting auto steer set up on my NH 8870. I haven’t had to post much yet as there’s so much information from so many helpful folks.

I finally got an operational system running on the kaupoi PCB this spring but now want to upgrade to Panda. I have it set up without a panda PCB currently, just wired together in a box with my steer pcb. Still currently using USB.

My problem is I can’t get panda to connect and show GPS or IMU changes in Ag Open. My sparkfun zed f9p, Ada fruit bn0085, and teensy all light up (teensy has flashing orange light.) I configured both f9p and teensy with the configomatic app so I’m assuming the software is right. I’ve double checked the wiring and its correct as well. I have a USB running from the teensy to the computer.

I guess my questions are

  1. Do the configurations work with USB? (I used the panda/PCB v2 configuration)

  2. Am I missing a correct baudrate somehow even though I used the pre configured configurations?

  3. Am I crazy for just trying to make this work over usb and all my problems would go away with udp?

  4. Is there something else I’m missing?


PANDA add on uses firmware for v2.5 pcb. Basic panda add on schematic shows usb so it should work over usb.

Going to UDP would be better for long term, no possibility of accidental disconnects. And solve this problem.