New Holland TM WAS

Shortly I will be assembeling AIO 4.x board. Plan is to mount it on New Holland TM190 (2005). After looking parts catalogs and wiring diagrams I found that this tractor has steering angle sensor from factory and uses it for diff lock and auto 4WD. So i was wondering if anybody else has experiance with this tractor or any tips how to use factory steering angle sensor.
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I tried using mine on my tsa to the same purpose as you but i couldn’t get it to work. You will need to unplug the loom on side of the engine and try the wires there. You will loose your auto 4wd and diff lock function if you have any joy with it

I will try because the wires have already been cut near the connector, but i think there is high possibility that the sensor is dead from over greasing.

In many cases those sensors have too less sensitivity to work with agopengps

No harm in trying. Your right though about that sensor dying from over greasing was really common. You could try taking the sensor out and cleaning it up

Looking at parts catalog, I think easier is to mount external WAS than repair old one if its broken. But we’ll see.

I used the landrover height sensor but afterwards i regretted not using them linear sensors as they would fit the nh steering ram really well

Do u have any kind of picture of the linear sensor?

Something like this. Find one that fits the closest to the ram stroke.
A couple of big jubilee clips around it to the ram and a u bolt on the chrome piece. Alot easier to setup i would think.
There are pictures of them being used in the was picture topic

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if no room around the ram to mount the sensor you could always mount it to the axle and point the sensor at the ram so it sort of works backwards iykwim