New PWM Setup Chart

Don’t know if this make sense, but had this idea in my head for a coulpe of days.
Especially for beginners it’s not easy to understand the meccanism of the steersettings.
Wouldn’t it be easier if the 4 values in the second tab of the steersettings (Prop.Gain, Max, LowMax and Min) are to set up in a chart?
For a better understanding what I mean, i’ve made a sample-chart below.
The benefit is, that you see your setting and your changes in a graphic, so you can better imagine what you have set.
Input values are only Error and dedicated PWM. (Sorry for my english)…
Vertical is PWM, horizontal is error.
What do you think?

Greethings Peter



There is also this xls that math made to help understand hi low max and pwm. Minimum PWM Drive and Low Max PWM - #24 by Math

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that’s a good idea, easier to see with a graph :slight_smile:

That sheet brought me to the idea to implement the graph into the program.
Before I saw it, I had no idea witch effect a change in eg. Proportional will have…