New set up question. Please be kind. Im new

Hello all,

First of all what a wonderful community!!! Please help!

Okay im brand new. I want to put a rtk system on my tractor. I farm flat ground in eastern wyoming usa. I have looked at I looked at the simplertk2b starter kit LR.
Will someone tell me if im on the right track?
I would like to know what else i need to order
Motor control?
Wheel sensor?
Anything else?

Thank you so much

Welcome JD4955! No worries here. Everyone is kind. We all were new at one time. Yes you are on right track. I would suggest the xlr from ardusimple. (Extended long range).

You have most of major components listed. Tablet, Ethernet adapter, pcb, teensy, bn085, Ethernet cable, wiring, enclosures, mounts for tablet I use ram mount, friction wheel or gears, switch to enable auto steer. Will also be needed along with a few small items I’m probably forgetting.

Have you checked out the wiki?


Welcome - a good place to start is the wiki - it’s a work in progress, but there’s a lot of info. Take your time and read through it, then read through again. It’ll possibly appear overwhelming at first, but it’ll start to make sense sooner than you think.

When you get in a bind, use the search function. Ive found that quite often, someone else has asked the same thing I’m wondering. If not, just keep this thread alive and ask here!

I also consider myself brand new, with very little electronic experience. My advice is to take it slow and spend some time on the forum getting familiar with some of the acronyms and using the search feature as others have said. I use the ardusimple LR starter kit (set up as a mobile base) but the XLR probably is better in your application. For me as a beginner the ardusimple kits were the easiest solution I knew of. Hopefully this next bit of advice isn’t outdated, or someone will correct me if it is but when I started the All-in-one or AIO board wasn’t out so I have been using the V2 boards, but I would suggest starting by building your board, hooking it up to a laptop and power and making sure you can get the motor to turn, and the wheel angle sensor (WAS) to work with the Agopengps program running in simulator mode. The boards are relatively cheap to build, and making it this far gave me the confidence to spend the money on the ardusimple boards. (I use the land rover sensor for a WAS, and the phidgets motor, driven by a cytron motor driver with a 12/24v convertor) I am also very much still in progress, I have had everything hooked up and working on the bench, and am working on mounting everything on my tractor currently. I hope you are able to experience this as well but it’s become addicting to troubleshoot and to see the project come to life!

I am located in central Nebraska, and don’t know of anyone in my area using this, so it is exciting to see someone in the same part of the world (relatively) give it a try, good luck!

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You don’t need the XLR on the tractor/rover because it’s only listening to the base station and doesn’t need to send anything back but using the XLR on your base will extend your range. Use the LR on your tractor instead (MR isn’t compatible with X/LR). That being said, if you have good 4g coverage on your fields and access to a correction signal from your state CORS or someone else’s base on rtk2go then you could try without your own base. You can also start without RTK with jobs like harrowing and cultivating and expand later.

The F9P is the current favorite gnss (GPS) receiver and it handles switching to RTK nicely.

There’s also a lot to learn just by playing around in AoG (AgOpenGPS) on a laptop or desktop with simulator turned on. Also, watch the beginner videos on AgOpenGPS - YouTube



Where do I get this file so I can upload it on to the gerber file?

These files are located in AgOpenGPS/Support/TeensyModules/Board and pick either your Micro or Std design. Inside each folder we will find three files that we are going to use, the ZIP file is your Gerber file, so pick that first:

Thanks, I never thought of using LR With XLR. Great advice!


I am hooking everything up and looking at the schematic in the picture (attached) what is the remote/pressure sensor? Do you need to hook this up if you are using a motor and cytron motor driver?

I am not the best one for this. I saw that as well and was not going to do anything with it for my Citron and motor. You said I think that is mostly for hydraulic steering and can

It’s for if you are using a rotary encoder on the steering wheel or baraki’s hydraulic steering valve. Don’t use it if you’re using a current sensor for disengage