New Teensy 4.1, windows and arduino ide not recognizing it

I’m trying to upload candus firmware to my new teensy but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I followed “Configuring the Teensy wiki”. Arduino ide is 1.8.19 and teensyduono is from wiki’s link and it is supposed to be 1.5.7.
I have tried about 15 different usb cables and 2 computers. Windows does see teensy in “other devices”

Could you help me, and thanks already!

Initially shouldn’t matter what the port is in the Arduino IDE, as the upload is done by the external Teensy firmware uploader program, which should start up automatically when you try to upload firmware. When you click on the upload firmware button, does the Teensy uploader program come up and what does it say? And if you press the button on the teensy board itself, does that cause the Teensy uploader to try to upload anything?

That is normal to only see that hid#vid because the Teensy needs programming first to tell it to operate in serial mode.

Only after that first programming you will see the virtual com port appear that you are looking for.

Thanks!!! I think I got it now.