New to this ardusimple with rtktogo/waas

im thinking about trying gps with waas ground station 90kms north / 600 south / rtktogo with a base 20k ne and a iphone 12 with 1 bar lte 1-2mbps at 90-300ms ping planed hardware a ardusimple rtk2b with wifi getac f110 i7-4600u 8gb cheap ssd the hated usb hubs prob a imu if recommended and was if recommended my mxm runs at 15vlots running any chargers for f110 and whats the pass to pass with waas nowdays and anything im forgetting and its south central Canada for those with aspheric knowledge

WAAS ground stations send all their observations up to some satellites which relay that to your GPS receiver. You don’t need rtk2go or any special hardware to use WAAS. The F9P and other GPS receives already know about the WAAS satellites and get their data over the GPS antenna. The F9P documentation uses the more generic term SBAS, which in north america means WAAS. In Europe they have their own EGNOS system that does the same thing.

Pass-to-pass accuracy with WAAS is about 12" in my experience. Over time the accuracy is about 1 metre. That means if you fixed a point using WAAS and came back later, you’d get within 1 metre of the same point. Hope that makes sense. So you will have to make adjustments to get back on your line from day to day.

On my non-RTK Trimble units, WAAS seems to be good enough for straight cutting, swathing, and cultivating and air drill. Row-crop seeding is a bit iffy.

The nice thing about using the F9P is you can build a base station and get RTK in the future if you needed it.

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