New user, new instaall, noob questions

Can anyone shed some light as to why the screen tractor is sideways often, it shows me plowing across the field sideways, which obviously isnt actually happening.
Is there a way to correct my IMU heading? I think that likely is where the problem is arising
Thanks in advance. l Also seem to be having issues with low quality gps fix even out in an open field. I will have to troubleshoot this myself. I think I will plug in my sparkfun RTK surveyor gps which I know gets an excellent fix with this antenna normally.

also, what is the giant red arrow?

Tap the tractor to change direction, prety sure red arrow thinks you are going backwards.

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No. This happens immediately after doing that. When it thinks Iā€™m going backwards, the implement orbits the tractor like a helicopter.

I HAD A BAD GPS ANTENNA. Put a known good one on and it works ok now i think