New user that has confused myself - PANDA / UDP / 4.1 board

Hi All, first off let me thank and congratulate everyone who is involved and/or contributing to this project.

I have got an Ardusimple XLR Starter Kit and have done some spraying and spreading using AgOpenGPS, this is really no great achievement as its basically plug and play.

I plan on using baraki’s hydraulic valve as it just seems easier to jump straight to that then using a steering wheel motor only to then upgrade.

I do use a John Deere RTK system for survey work and am familiar with the joys of usb connections in agricultural settings so will definitely be going for the UDP setup.

As I have been reading I have created a glossary file in Excel to keep track of all the terms used but have still ended up confusing myself.

Ideally I would use UDP and a PANDA setup, my question is can I use a 4.1 board with panda, connected to the AdruSimple rover via a network switch that is also providing power to the GPS??

Apologies if I am proper lost, any help is greatly appreciated.


To confuse you even more, the question is?
Kaupoi 4.1 or AIO micro 4.1

I do use an old v2 type pcb together with a panda hat type pcb. Al on UDP
Such a setup work same as AIO pcb. There are many versions already of AIO boards.

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Thanks Larsvest,

I was thinking the AIO, just in my confusion didn’t highlight that.

Will finish putting together my parts order and get to building my first setup

You want to use a regular “Standard” sized simpleRTK2b or “Micro”?

The Standard AiO v4.2 doesn’t have a dedicated Xbee radio socket, you rather plug it directly into the simpleRTK2b. Just make sure you use a baud on uart2 that matches your LR radio (probably 115200).

The Micro AiO v4.1 has a dedicated Xbee socket that by default is routed to the Teensy which takes care of relaying the data to the “Right” micro F9P but you again you have to make sure the Teensy baudRTK setting matches in the code.

Thanks m_elias,

I have the standard sized simpleRTK board with xbee socket used for the RTK radio link, I will add a network shield to this, with the plan to supply power to the ardusimple and receive GPS data to the Standard AiO 4.1, which will have my teensy, IMU and Cytron.

Hopefully I have answered that right, again thanks for the help

Apologies for the constant silly questions but I was just comparing boards.

Since I am aiming for my AdruSimple board to be separate, I would be just as well off building an AiO 4.1 Micro?

I can’t figure out why you wouldn’t put the f9p standard with the xbee on an aio standard pcb.

What is the network shield for? Why are you “aiming for my AdruSimple board to be separate”? Are you talking about the base station or the tractor?