New webshop AOG parts!!

Hi all,

I launched my new webshop for those who need parts.

Your welcome to visit!

You can find it at:


is it enough to start with the system?
Next I’d buy baraki valve.

or Do I need something more?

Yes sir thats need. Do you have a screen / tablet?

Yes I have one, but could You give some offer for Panasonic, I saw You have few specifications.
I have dell 5290 tablet - i5 8th gen, 8gb ram and 250gb hard drive.

Thats more then enough.
How you wanna do your RTk corrections?

Does you tablet has a 4G lte simcard slot?

I have mobile LTE router with wifi and RJ-45 port.
I have my own base station connected with RTK2GO.COM

Well then your ready 2 go.:+1::+1:

is Your wireness compatible with Baraki’s valve?

Just put in comment before payment that you need harness for baraki valve. Then i make one for baraki valve.

Do You have any experience with Kubota’s tractors? Do we need something special? The Kubota m7060 has very very small turning radius

Check you private messages

In Poland we also have a store with parts for AgopenGPS and facebok group to help in case of problems :slight_smile: There are also BARAKI blocks available immediately as well as all necessary parts

I invite -


Does the complete V4.x Agopengps pcb come with atenna too?

No, Antenna is separate.

thanks Krzysiu, we will be in touch

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i am upset with your RCCM ntrip modem
is it compliant with my old trimble cfx-750 tablet ?
the trimble modem is 3000 $ : no way !!!
Another question: my microsoft tablet freezes as soon as it gets a chock in the cabin af the agricultural tractor ,it has no hard drive disc but a flash memory and should not freeze
thanks for all those items

@clogenson yeah trimble is expensive. But i am still doing some tests for trimble FMX, CFX, TMX-2050.

What tablet do you have??

microsoft surface pro 4 12 inches

I also have a few of those running. But no problems with freezing.

Is it anyprogram that freez or only aog??

Do you know how fast your windows start? Is it slower then normal?