Newby Questions

Want to get started with AOG and I have questions. Is the latest pcb set up for both dual and single gps? Will it receive gps from a rtk base or do I need another board
What are the dimensions for the standard pcb and the micro? What is the outside diameter of the larger printed gear ? (for printer size) Sorry if these questions have been answered before, I have done alot of reading but havn’t found the answers.I will probably have more questions as I go , so thanks in advance for any replies.

The AIO boards have 2 slots for F9P modules for both single and dual. The AIO boards have a socket for Xbee radio to get radio rtk but can also get NTRIP corrections from the connected tablet. The micro PCB is 110x160mm and the standard PCB is about 188x119mm. The outside diameter of potatofarmers gear doesn’t really matter for printer size as the big gear is 3 pieces bolted together. But I imagine you will need at least a 150mm square bed.

I infer that you are asking about the All-In-One (AIO) boards. PCB is a circuit board, and there are many different designs.

Yes, the latest AIO PCBs are set up for both dual and single GPS. A single system is less expensive to build and in the last year or so the low speed performance and IMU performance of single has come a long way. If you are searching the discourse to decide between dual and single; know that old posts are old posts. I’d go single unless you have some application that has to work at 2mph and slower. If you look at how PCB development is going, I’d invest into the Micro F9P rather than the classic F9P. You can use a micro F9P as a base also with a USB adapter board.

If you want to receive corrections via xbee then you’ll need an xbee radio module on your AIO board (just plugs right in to the designated slot). If you want to receive corrections via internet then you need internet.

Thanks guys ! I’m trying to pre-order boards from JLCPCB so I can have them assembled but am having trouble getting to the pre-order page. I thought I was there yesterday but when it showed a shortage it said I’d want to switch to pre-order and I didn’t see anywhere to do that. Any ideas?

I got the micro boards ordered and they had all the parts but one, and they had a substitution for that. Now I’m ordering the zedf9p and they want to know surface or facemount, and sma or ufl. What are the correct ones?

Maybe order from ardusimple?

Sma ufl are types of antenna connections
If you go further on their site.