Newholland ts 100 (1999) hydro steer valve

Hello all. i have a newholland ts100 from the year 1999. i want to carry out the aog project with a hydrolic steering wheel on this tractor.
I have already rounded up a bit and found out that the oil that goes through the return from the orbitol to the powershift gearbox for lubrication of the transmission. below I got a drawing. I would like to hear from you if this is possible. it is a proportional valve and a switching valve that also has the function of safety.

this drawing is drawn in oc no react. I also don’t know 100% if it is a no react oc

what do you think can this work

ts100 hydroliek stuur


What is the relief valve controlled from the alternative L / R valve for?
In my opinion, in such a combination is pointless.
If you do it on cetop blocks then the scheme is very simple! From the pump you give to port P on the cetop block to port A from the auxiliary solenoid valve, you give to the orbitrol P, while port B you blind. And that’s all.
However, currently in tractors with an open system it installs a priority + proportional valve and this is a better solution and works very well.
I also gave up solenoid valves that cut off the reaction orbitrol in favor of a double controlled check valve. No relays = no problems with disconnecting the USB or burning contacts!

I think it will work well. You have your set pressure(10 bar now) on the relief valve, and when L or R needs more pressure it adds to that. There will always flow oil to the lubricating system

Yes. You’re right. Now I looked at this valve. Just what type of valve is it and where can you get it?

I want to get these parts from a local company called Hytres (Netherlands)

1 RPE3-062R11/12Vdc 4/2 Directional spool valve solenoid operated Argo-Hytos

1 PRM2-063Z11/12Vdc 4/3 Proportional directional valve solenoid operated Argo-Hytos

1 BMA06P2L2-2P Connection plate

1 VPP2-04/MP06-25 Pressure relief valve Argo-Hytos

1 TV2-063/MC Pressure compensator Argo-Hytos

so you think it will works then i can orde these parts

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Yes, I think it will work well. The type of pressure compensator that you use ideally suits the open system. I think I will also use this type of valve.

Just wondering how to interface the solenoids to the PCB. The 4/3 valve is proportional, can it be controlled with a 12 V DC PWM signal? From what i can find it would like 0-10V control signal.

And then there is the 4/2 valve, this would normally be controlled by a relay, i guess?

In the support folder there are two .png files, since version 4 I think.
The hydrofluide one gives an idea of a complete hydraulic setup (uses pin D2 to activate valve (eg. an 4/2 valve))
The Steer.png is the newest and shows that L_Pin has been moved from D2 to either Dir1 or PWM2 depending on you want to use Cytron or IBT_2 to control your motor or pwm valves

my first iedia was by using a manual switch to operate the 4/2 valve. but now that you say via the nano I don’t think everyone is so wrong. but via ib2 it should still be possible with the pwm control to 12v valve

Jdros, you can use both cytron or ibt_2, because Brian has made l_en/ l_pin output available for both of them.

Which flowrate have you selected for your proportional valve?

60 /70 l