NH8360 - Hydraulic steering with AIO - Build thread

I will in this thread write about our challenges and solutions during the installation progress of a complete AOG system for a New Holland 8360.
This will be updated as we go :slight_smile:


  • Baraki OC valve
  • AIO board std ampseal 1 antenna
  • Getac F110 G3
  • New holland 8360 1998 model.


Very well

Then I’m all in on this madness as well. The motivation behind, in addition of the interest for technology is an easier workday, economical benefits and less money spent at the chiropractor, twisting the head all day during the season. :smiley:

First of I went quickly to the decision of making this a hydraulic steering system, there is quite a few benefits, compared to a steering wheel motor, and with a valveblock from Marek, Is this an affordable solution as well!

  • It’s less noisy in the cabin
  • No extra modifications or bracket making to the steering wheel or column.
  • looks original
  • More accurate?
  • Easy to install

I first went for the Kaupoi PCB, but then switched to the almighty AIO board.
This is now complete and tested at the bench, just missing a case for it. This thread will not cover that setup, since it’s already covered in other threads.

Then we head on to the first part of this build. Hydraulics:

First we discovered that I got the wrong block. This tractor apparently has two pumps. One for the steering and another for the rest.
The steering system is a OC system, not LS. Don’t do like me and assume thing, since Murphey’s law will hit you back!

In the picture you see the rear of the orbitrol. It’s clearly marked what the different connections are for.

Now when we got the correct block from Marek,(Great service! he shipped the correct one very quick! Thanks!) It’s time to find a position for it.
First thought was to have it on the side of the cabin Right here:

But after two coffees, we decided to open the floor and have a look, and I’m glad we did! There is a ton of space for the valve, it’s dry and protected, all the connections are nearby, we can mount it to the gearbox, and reduce noise! What a finding!

Now wee need to make a bracket and hoses that fits in. Thats for another day!


Another day - Fitting hoses

So after finding a nice location, it’s time to connect hydraulics.

Baraki*s drawing is essensial, It simply explains where it all goes, make sure you have it with you.

I had a metal plate laying around which I bended to fit. I used the two bolts that holds the service lid on top of the gearbox in place, to fasten it.

Hydraulic hoses
You’ll need

  • 2 hoses from the L and R obritol (JIC 13mm male )
  • 2 Hoses from the steering sylinder (JIC 13mm Female 90 angle)
  • 2 hoses to plug between the pump and the orbitrol (JIC 22mm female/male with or without bend)

The 4 first hoses ; you get by disconnecting the steering sylinder from the orbitrol. Do that close to the cabin on the right side of the tractor. Pull the two hoses from the orbitrol, underneath towards the valve. I Made them to long (sillymeters! ehh) but to get excat lenght, the tip would be to use a gardenhose for measures. Route it where you want it, and mark. Go to your hardware store and buy the couplings first, so know they fit.

Steering/Orbitrol. Disconnect here. New hoses are already fitted at this picture

Measuring hose length. Note that in the first picture is where you can connect between the orbitrol and the pump. Also right by the valve.

When all of them are measured, and you get the hoses, connect them and… hey time for a coffee… :wink:

If you made it, everything is connected correctly, your steering will work as it always has been, and the wheels should turn the correct direction. how booring, but one step closer!

Done with hydraulics!, and when the floor is back on, you will not even see the that the tractor now is GPS ready!

Ohh almost forgot. Mount a car relay here, the AIO board cannot carry enough current for the “autosteering enabled/lock” valves. so a relay will be needed.

Tablet - Getac F110

After many discussions what is the best alternative for a operator terminal, I went for a Getac. Is generally better looking, and cheaper.
I used RAM mounts and a holder from Brodit to mount it, and not a dockingstation. The reason is that the docking is huge, and i don’t need all those features. just power and ethernet.

This is how it turned out, I think it looks good and integrates well. I can reach the enable button on the screen easy, so for now I skip the steering switch.

I have still not found a perfect location for the AIO, besides the seat is a bit thight…


nice project, it looks very good and nice how you explain your processes. I’m curious about the wiring harness to the baraki valve, do you have a picture of it?

Sorry, Haven’t got the time to post the rest, I’m close the finish line, so will soon update the rest.
Regarding the hardness, there is already many posts about this if you look around on the forum.

I wired it accordingly.