No GPS, possible problems with COM ports

Hi. I was working with this program earlier and it worked normally, I did same connections now and there is simply not GPS, it’s always lost. On simplertk2b board, “GPS fix” LED is blinking as it works, but I doubt to COM ports of my laptop. There is only one COM1, and it connects fine but again no work. I also tried on other laptop, there are COM3 and COM4 but same situation. Regards.

Try other usb cable.

Already tried.

Have you plugged into the gps side not the xbee side?

Yes …

Ucenter Ublox detects GPS?

What Version of Ag_Open GPS are you using? Maybe try to use your GPS-board in Google maps or an other navigation-app so you can be sure its not the software.

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I solved problem, when I plugged 2 other USB cables, just suddenly, COM5 and COM6 appeared, I don’t know why but it works. I tried to revert to default in U-Blox app. Thanks everyone on help. :slight_smile: