No GPS with CanBus sketches

I am currently trying to get my AIO v2.5 to work over Canbus. When I load the AIO standard sketch onto the teensy everything works perfectly, instant RTK Fix.
As soon as i load one of the two CanBus sketches (Teensy flasher) on the Teensy, set the brand and “P” for the baud, it says ethernet is ok, Waiting for AgOpenGPS. I then get no gps on AOG.
Why would the Canbus sketch cause me to then get no GPS at all?
Agio is showing bytes coming into the GPS but none leaving. Ntrip seems to be working fine.
Are there any settings which need to be changed?

I had the same problem using the pre-compiled binary. Works like charm if I compile it from source.

Because you entered service tool and didn’t exit?