No PCB panda implementation progress and pictures. Wiring questions

Hi everyone, I asked a while ago and got some clarification on what was actually required. Since then I have AOG up and running on a mini-PC in my TM115, along with a soldered board that matches rougly this schematic

I can confirm that it works, and I have lightbar guidance. I like agopenGPS, and it is time to move forward.

I have purchased (and installed) all the required hydraulic equipment and relays to make my tractor steer when a left/right signal is output from the teensy. (Princess Auto for the win)

I am currently in the process of fabricating a steer angle sensor using a potentiometer on the kingpin.

I realize the standard PCB version of AOG will have motor drivers on the PCB, and output a L/R signal through the ampseal connector, however I don’t have a PCB. I am looking for which pins on the teensy that will ouput these signals in the default firmware so I don’t have to reverse-engineer pcb gerbers.

I have found this section in the firmware:

//   ***********  Motor drive connections  **************888
//Connect ground only for cytron, Connect Ground and +5v for IBT2

//Dir1 for Cytron Dir, Both L and R enable for IBT2
#define DIR1_RL_ENABLE  4

//PWM1 for Cytron PWM, Left PWM for IBT2
#define PWM1_LPWM  2

//Not Connected for Cytron, Right PWM for IBT2
#define PWM2_RPWM  3

this sounds relevant to me, but I don’t understand the mapping to the physical world

//Dir1 for Cytron Dir, Both L and R enable for IBT2
this line doesn’t exactly make sense to me, should I be adding more #define directives?

I am GUESSING it means pin 2 and 3 are L&R, am I on the right track here? Are there any modifications I need to be doing to the firmware?

Also, on the ADS1115, I am assuming it expects single-ended WAS on input 1?

Additionally, I was unsure about where to wire the 1115 to the teensy, so I hooked it up to the second I2C port. Pin 16&17 as an educated guess. I suppose maybe it could coexist on the bus with the BNO but I figured you guys wouldn’t have done that by default.

I’m not running out of breadboard spots yet, and I shouldn’t if all I have left to connect is L, R, Enable, and a work switch. But it is definitely getting crowded. I need more colors for wires. Maybe stripes :rofl:

You could search panda hat you get 5 results one of them might give you the answer.
Or open the easy eda zip file for the board aio 2.5
Easy eda is available free online.

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This is how I’m running my solenoids. Set of 3 DC SSR’s in a box located outside the cab. A 4 strand wire from the breadboard will supply power to the relays.
+12V power for the solenoids supplied externally.

Last night I soldered up the teensy Ethernet kit so I can use UDP as well.

I have Das Green Blimkenlightzen, My WAS IS functional.

it seems I don’t get RTK unless i connect to the GPS over serial. Which is fine for now.
NOW. On to wiring up solenoids.

Is there a “test outputs” mode somewhere?

UDP selected?

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