No RTK signal

Hello, I have a ZED-F9P updated to 1.13 firmware and used the 10hz config file from I cannot get RTK signal. “GPS FIX” and “NO RTK” are flashing. The closest base is 150km in


You will need a closer base, at 150km the chances of getting a fix are slim, and holding one while moving is not going to work.

Find a closer base or set up your own basestation. The benefits of your own base are great, maximum accuracy in your area.

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I tried that option of setting up the base station with a tailscale VPN. After restarting SNIP software and connecting to the mount point, for a minute I get “NO RTK” and “GPS FIX” lights to flash, then after 30 seconds it stops receiving data. And SNIP keeps disconnecting.


Someone with more knowledge of snip will help you.

I use Emlid M2, it works out of the box for base.

I reconfigured the base station now it no longer keeps disconnecting me. But still the “NO RTK” and “GPS FIX” are flashing.

Are you indoors?

Base station no. Rover yes.

The rover will need to be outside to.


For now I have base station’s “survey in” to be at 1 meter precision, could this be related to the “NO RTK”? Also the rover is outside now but nothing has changed.

Thank you it works now! “NO RTK” disappeared. “GPS FIX” is flashing

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Does AOG have a way to show the current accuracy?

The base coordinates can be quite a large bit off of reality and still work.

But if the rover cannot see the same sats with enough dbm it will not fix.

Do you at least get “float”

HDOP, anything less than 1.0 is really good, once fixed it will be 0.5 or 0.6

Click the “speed box” on the top of the screen, you will get gps stats.


Note that “accuracy” can have a lot of meanings in this context. As PF says, HDOP is a great indicator of the quality of signal you’re getting, but absolute-accuracy in terms of “my rover is exactly at this position” isn’t shown in AOG. But for the most part, that doesn’t matter too much.

Hi, I seem to have the same problem with my base station, it keeps disconneting me. May I ask how you reconfigured your base station to no longer disconnect you?