Not going straight

Hello Brain
I am Ashok Desai from India,Thank you very much for helping a farmer like me for sharing advanced technology.I am following your project from past 2 years.My setup John Deere 45 hp tractor, emlid reach rtk, tinkerforge brick2, Dogs2 inclinometer, 24 volts motor, Delphi wheel angle sensor, cytron motor driver, bno055, mma8452.
My land is not plain/even, trying hard but tractor not going straight, on road it goes absolutely straight.

Does it go straight on flat field? Is it only having difficulty driving straight on hills? How steep are your hills and how far off track is it driving?

On road it goes, in field slightly straight, sometimes zigzag, lcd display will be around 0 to 2 ,suddenly goes 12 .Pardon me not so good in english

How good/reliable is your GPS signal? Are you operating at RTK precision all the time?

Yaa emlid reach rtk, rtk fix

Maybe post some pictures of the main screen when you are driving.

Ok…tomorrow I will post

So you have the typical rough ground as seen often in India?Screenshot_20200627-103040

Yaa ,rough and slope


20200627_163843 20200627_163813 20200627_163752

You ask in another thread why your tractor oscillate, and there are many possible reasons!

Your land seems even enough to do a good line without any af the extra sensors. They are NOT needed.
So start to make tractor drive good without them.
Follow the instructions in brians video found under youtube button at top of this page.( AutoSteer Settings From Default Config, yes it is 10 months old but still helps a lot.)

I think you have too many sensors:
Brick and bno055 can adjust the same thing —adjust/ help heading that AOG gets from GPS fix to fix
DogS2 and mma 8452 can both give input to adjust roll

Where do you have gps mounted on tractor? (more to the front reduces risk for slalom)
Which setup do you have-- PCB or “birds nest”?
Which version of AOG do you have on your computer?

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Antenna back side
All sensors connected through wires
AOG March version and latest v4,March version going good compared to v4

Then put your antenna as far in front of pivot point as you can (on roof) and follow the video.
If that does not help, then put the antenna on a rod over the front of tractor.
Which emlid reach, do you use for base and rover?
It seems you do not have metal roof, is there a good metal ground plate in the antenna?
Antenna should be mounted above any other metal on the tractor!

Ok thank you…I will put the antenna in front and try it for next season

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