Not reading motor amps

I am on version 5.7.0. I used this system last year and everything worked perfect, including using the ACS712 to cut off the steering. This year I have switched laptops, and now the steering will not disengage. When watching the motor percentage on the configuration page, there is no amps showing on the slider bar. This worked fine last year, so is there anything to check. Also, the current turn sensor is turned on like it should be. Everything else works perfectly, except for this. Thanks for any help

Send the steer config to the arduino to make sure it’s in current sense mode?

Yes I did send and save

you can try virtual turn sensor by update the code files

I have an issue with the acs712. I’m using an older version of AIO board that doesn’t have an acs built in so I added the acs712 module. On one tractor it’s working as expected but on the other one that has an identical board it doesn’t work.

Also acs712 is not working on my old tractor used only for spraying, that tractor has an old school Agopen install with a arduino using a enc28j60. Acs reads 91% when auto steer is disengaged.

The motor current is setup to run “backwards” through the ACS on the AiO. The ACS is bidirectional so it’s ment to work and the reason is to get a little more resolution for the analog input. 2.5-0 instead of 2.5-3.3. Is that throwing yours off?

I will be trying this thanks!