Not sure which firmware for Teensy update

Upgrading from 5.7.2 to 6.0.10
Could someone point me to the correct firmware for Teensy 4.1 on a V2.4 board with single standard F9p and WAS.

I’m using the same board version and it works with 6.0.10 great with old firmware. I didn’t update it… I think its because AgIO is still the same version v5.7

Edit: or just use this new software AOG_ConfigOMatic its on github(also Brian showing how to use it here: to replace already existing firmware although it could be the same ones

Yes, pick “Single” in config-o-matic for the F9P, and this firmware: All-in-one (for v2.x)

Ok, thank you for your help, the longer I looked the more confused I got…