Novatel Smart SM7 +modemVD03+ Display Valtra

Hello everybody.
I am a new to the forums and I am just a farmer, not a professional electrician and coder as most of you are. I need help connecting Novatel Smart SM7 +modemVD03+ Display Valtra. I bought them form eBay and i just want to make it work as a navigation and in future if it’s possible to add autosteer. I called a couple of retailers who sells valtra and fendt and they keep telling me that it is impossible to make it work. I already know how to power it up

I need the cable from the modem to the display
P.s. here is the eBay link: Receiver GNSS Novatel Smart SM7-DDN-LNN-TMN(AGCO3)+modemVD03+ Display Valtra | eBay

Which tractor are you going to install it to? Or is your plan to use it as a self contained system, completely isolated from the tractor (before going to auto-steer)?

Ridiculously cheap hardware there, almost competitive with AOG. I’ve watched after these on eBay, seen similar from Ukraine but the seller was not familiar with the item. We have a Topocon based kit and would love to move to the Valtra Smart screen. The Topcon receiver is known losing RTK at very low GPS satellites and our local support cannot help with a fix or with an upgrade.

Have you got the wiring diagram for a Valtra with this screen? Usually available from eBay if not for free. I wonder if it was built to work with the armrest screen and the other one just a “slave”. AGCO really should have a retrofit offer which you could use with your parts.

I am planning to make it completely isolated from the traktor. The tractro is old and it doesn’t have any electronics on it. It is Claas Celtis 446 RX.
AGCO do not have an official retailers in my country. Can you help me finding the cable i need or diagram of the wiring please. :slight_smile:


I also bough on ebay that kit to install it on a Valtra T183V mainly to use it as Isobus virtual terminal, but I´m still looking for information to do so.

I have found out that Valtra tractors can have two Displays. The auxiliary display has a connector is called X105 that goes to the diagnosis connector X16G (ref ACV029783B) and the main display placed on the armrest goes to X132 and XC9 connectors.

The X105 pin-out that I could found out are:

  • 3 - Green-White (Tractor CANBUS)
  • 8 - Brown (POWER)
  • 10 - Yellow-White (Tractor CANBUS)
  • 15 - Red (Power)
  • 23 - Black (Ground)

I think that the pin-out and schematics for the Valtra´s Smarttouch are the same that MF´s Datatronic 5. If anyone has that information it would be appreciated.

About the VD03+Antenna . Mine has a X974 connector and the pin-out is:
1 –Green-white (tractor CANBUS)
2 -Yellow white (tractor CANBUS)
3 – Brown (power)
4 – Black (GND)
5 – White (Serial GND)
6 – White (Serial Tx)
7 – White (Serial Rx)
8 –Green (Isobus CANBUS)
9 – Yellow (Isobus CANBUS)
10 – Red (Power)

I´m waiting for some parts (connectors) to arrive to do further testing

I have the cable from the antenna to the terminal. Tomorrow i will send you some pictures. Now i have different problem the terminal options are locked.

The modem/antenna connector that I have has a little different pinout and still I am not able to get the GNSS signal on the monitor. Any sugestion?

Do you know where goes the yellow/green wire from the pin # 7?

Did it work?

For me still no! It stays on the shelf. I can’t do it. Also i have locked the display. If want a display… i have one