Ntrip connection problem

20201116_200033 says waiting for gga message - but is it my tractor or the base ? My mount name comes up when connecting ( off my own base via rtk2go) any help gladly received.

Check these two settings in that app.
Receiver Settings → Receiver Connection → None(testing mode)
NTRIP Settings → Reported Location → Use Android GPS

Like m_elias said, check your reported location setting. If that should be fine, make sure your receiver is actually sending out GGA messages.


Maybe I misunderstood your problem. It now looks like you are trying to relay NTRIP correction through your phone to Ardusimple?

Ah yes all was working well - then when I tried to connect my phone to it recently this came up - I don’t understand whether it is the rtk base or my tractors gga ??

So previously this was working correctly?

Your base should only send rtcm. GGA comes from rover(tractor)

@m_elias yes was working ok @Joni this is the information I need - so basically something not working properly in my tractor ?

I now have my other tractor back after it dropped a valve ! (ouch). I have a second setup in this although not quite finished- so I can swap parts to see if I can find the problem.