Ntrip master

Hi I am trying to inject the 1008 into my RTCM messages. I am using the ntrip master. Is anyone using the ntrip master this way? I haven’t been able to find this particular info so far. Does the Ntrip master software allow injecting the 1008?

Is it something like this: u-blox ANN-MBRTKBase Ublox_ZED-F9P

So this is inserted by RTK2go? Or is there somewhere in Ucenter to insert it? I’m using Emlid caster.

That’s for if you’re using RTKBase.
There’s quite a bit of info about using a str2str server but at that point you might as well use RTKBase. I’m curious if ardusimple would have a solution (since it’s their product they should know).

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Makes sense.

I’ve got an ESPRTK base that can inject 1008 but was hoping to use my ntripmaster.