Ntrip nav 900

Hi guys,
Can I use ntrip from my base station on Nav-900?

Not enough information , but , yes , you can .

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Trimble ez pilot with nav 900 antena. I have f9p base on rtk2go. What info is needed for providing rtk on the nav 900?

Probably MSM4 and 1008.

Is it unlocked?

Probably not unlocked. It has the free 20cm signal.

Bad, if it is not unlocked.
If you want you can try my Basestation AUT_RAMETZHOFEN_MGI @ rtk2go.
If you can get a float solution it is worth for you to set up your own base. Otherwise you need to unlock your Nav900. Probably expensive :thinking:

Can I check if it’s unlocked?

I don’t know. Is there any typ of input field where you can choose RTK or typ in any caster information?

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If its not unlocked, its an absolute fortune according to this source.