Ntrip settings questions simplertk2b

Hi there,

I have the simplertk2b board and have gotten it (I’m quite sure) working before, about a year and a half ago. Hadn’t really used it since then and had to switch sim cards so I figured to make sure everything is up to date and set properly. I installed the latest U-center v23.08 and updated the firmware and configuration files as per the tutorial on ardusimple (https://www.ardusimple.com/how-to-connect-gnss-rtk-receiver-and-agopengps/)
One thing I’m not sure about though is the Ntrip settings in the parameter file.
I use this tutorial for this part (https://www.ardusimple.com/4g-ntrip-client-hookup-guide/)
The last time around I had to use a Telit AT controller which took a long time to work, so apparently things have changed.
I guess I should at least use the SIM pin and the APN name for the parameter file, but you can also enable/set the NTRIP client settings. Should I leave these fields blank since you can also set them in Agio, or do I have to fill in the caster name and port here as well?
I have absolutely zero knowledge of Ucenter and all these software settings/
Thanks a lot!

Leave the ntrip client in AgIO if you’re getting RTK from an NTRIP master. Put all the info in the NTRIP Master.