Ntrip source is seen, but not working

I have a recurring problem getting AgIO to receive NTRIP data from my base station. Most of last year it was working great, but at other times it just seem to be unable to connect properly. Some days it would be fines, some hopeless and others it could be fine in the morning, have lunch and then fail to work when I turned the computer back on in the afternoon.

The obvious symptom is the kb count on the AgIO window. When its working, this steadily counts up. When it doesn’t though it jumps up, about 75 kb increments once every few seconds.

I was having this problem using v5.5 last year. It persisted this year so I updated to v5.7.1, as well as rover and base firmware and configs. According to rtk2go’s summary for my base, there is RTCM data in, but no data has been sent out to clients from it while I have been trying to connect.

I have rtk2go.com as the Broadcaster and Verified the URL. I can see my mount at the top of the source table and have selected it. Caster Port is 2101.

Rover reciever is a simpleRTK2B, connect direct to laptop with usb, giving steady GGA and VTG messages. Apart from the RTK, everything else appears to be working.

I feel like there is some setting I have missed causing this, but struggling to work out what it is.

Beside your mountpoint name, did you also put in a valid email in the password box?
Required for rtk2go since around november!

I hadn’t seen that change. Thankyou very much for pointing it out. It seems to be working now.