NTRIP vs Radio

Can anyone help me clarify something?

Does distance from base station really matter that much if you are using RTK corrections over the internet (cellular or Wifi)? If so, how much?

It’s been calculated that precision drops off by 1mm per KM distance from a base station behind a threshold, but this is using radio.

Does this only apply to radio, or does it also apply to cellular/ Wifi?

That is to ask, does it matter here in Britain whether a base station is 1km or 100km away if I am using NTRIP corrections over 4G?

I know that horizons and visual satellite constellations need to be taken into consideration, but over what distance are internet based NTRIP corrections accurate?

Anyone know? :slight_smile:

If you have a 4G network cheap and relaible internet NTRIP by internet is the most easy way
easy to set easy to control from outside

You can catch Ntrip correction at 100km but the correction is for the base at 100km
Ntrip by radio or by internet follow the same rules they are just transfert the base data by numerical

The rules of 1mm/km is the same