Odpowiedz: AOG Autosteer Dual GPS PCB

I have a question regarding the autosteer.
Can you provide the source code for connecting 1 f9p board and bno085 to pcb Agopengps Autosteer + Dual GPS.
how did you configure udp to run the kit?

Thank you in advance for your help

this way? If so, you can install Panda2 code.

When you say source code, are you talking about the ino file? For UDP you need to fix the ip addresses in the code, so if it’s change it to, Teensy_v56 and the ip addresses in the autosteer tabs. At the same time, the gateway in the ip address of your tablet is, and the ip of the tablet is, for example:

byte Eth_myip[4] = { 192, 168, 5, 120 };

and autosteer IPAddress ipDestination(192, 168, 5, 255);


this is what I mean .ino source code, because you know, everyone experiments and changes something in the code and you don’t know what to act on. :slight_smile:

before i used kaupoi 4.1
time to use teens to make the panda work and the entire autoster on one pcb.

PS. possibly teensy will do a blink sketch

it turned out that I used a different rj45 socket than what the manufacturer found. kind of the same and I couldn’t run pcb for 3 days. a new dedicated socket arrived yesterday and communication was working from the arrow.

I struggled for 2 days, then I realized by measuring that I was using the wrong rj45, when I changed it, it was fixed.

I have one more question.
If he wants to have:

  1. PANDA
    is this github code enough or do I have to use 2 teens 4.1?
    possibly send me a link or what you use in your project, I will not sit and think so much.

all you need to do is upload the panda code and it should work? not counting the change when soldering bno080 to teens 4.1
to use this github?

Może najlepiej jakby ktoś przyjechał do Parczewa i trzymając za rękę Ci to wszystko wgrał i uruchomił? :wink: