Offset fix

With the offset fix setting, I can shift the borders as I want, but is there a solution to easily shift my saved path?

Currently no, there is no plug and play to offset the recorded path. Fairly simple to build a routine to do this, but it is not in the official release.


Got it, I’m using micro2, thank you. Can I create the routine myself?

When I get back on the computer, I’ll see what we can do to add it to Micro2.

Thank you Kent, By the way I found Micro2 on Github, thanks for your efforts.

This shifts just the recorded path in the field. It does not change anything else in the field. It is up on the AOG github branch Mirco2.


Just put the numbers in and press Rec Path Fix button. It saves it automatically. Don’t press the keep button. If you are seeing the screen behind, you can watch it jump over.

Thank you KentStuff, thanks to your magic fingers.


Made another small adjustment. It was still offsetting the GPS. Now it just moves the recorded path.

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