One antenna with two seperate recivers

Hi, I am trying to build a autosteer system for my JD6920, I alreday have a thrid party GPS system for markup and section control of my fertilizer. For now, i want to leave the fertilizer system as is and use both systems in parrallell. The existing systems consists of an antenna on the cab, a tuchdisplay with built in reciver, and box with electronics for section control and flowrate.

Would it be posible to use the existing antenna for both recivers? I am a bit lost on how the antenna-reciver system work. If it is only a passive system where the reciver only listens to what comes from the antenna i think it cloud work. But if there is more to it, then maybe not…

Thanks in advance for you’re help!

GPS/GNSS Splitters exist, but I’ve never seen one or heard of anyone using one. Splitters will connect 1 antenna to two receivers. The splitter block will ensure that the antenna receives power from only one receiver, and that both receivers receive a signal. If I were in your shoes a splitter would not be the approach that I would want to use. Just because of how unconventional and unproven it is.

I would explore looking into your existing system to see if it output NMEA messages. AgOpenGPS would be able to receive those NMEA messages and use them to steer. You’d have a serial connection out of your existing system into AoG and you wouldn’t need an additional antenna/receiver. I am not 100% if you can then feed RTK corrections into AoG as well so that you can have RTK autosteer.

It wouldn’t be the worst to have a separate antenna and receiver for the autosteer portion, especially if the autosteer part is going to have RTK to minimize any conflicts between autosteer reference frame and section control reference frame (ideally both reference frames would be RTK). I’d rather have that than a questionable splitter.

I’d do whatever I had to do in order to get RTK autosteer.

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You will gain nothing by splitting one antenna. The old system is most likely an L1 only system, so the antenna will not let you pick up L2 signals for the F9P.

I would just move the current one to the back of the cab, and edit the distance in the controller.

Put the L1/L2 F9P antenna on the front of cab, and get the autosteer.

Then if time permits see if the 3rd party controller can take gga and vtg inputs, output from AOG’s gps.


This :point_up:

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I did a quick search on splitters just to see what was out there, the ones I found was more expensive then the antenna so definitely no point in going down that road. I will do as you suggest and go for two separate systems. Thank you for the input and explanations!!!