One way is not perfect

One way is steering top, but the other way im not catching the line. What config i must chang?

Seems strange. Try opening the steering chart and post a video of driving both ways. Also open the valve/motor settings and video the WAS gauge while turning from left lock to right lock.

Your was is not setup right. Do it again.
Zero was then drive in circle and set CPD and ackermann settings.

Or use an app and measure max steering angle of your tractor and set CPD and ackermann to that value. You can find the guide on how to do that on a forum @PotatoFarmer posted it.

For example mine is 40 degrees

It’s your WAS. I had this happen this weekend, my WAS isn’t the most rigid setup… think Red Green and lots of ductape. So over time it moves a bit, found my unit was drifting to the left a fair bit. You can either constantly reset it to zero, ( for me it was every 10-15 passes) or you can use the slider to offset it. I found you want the green indicator bar to bounce from left to right, if you find its sticking to one side or the other, then you need to adjust your 0.

What app you use?