Open Weed Locator 4th of May

Hello everyone,

I have seen that there is a Open Weed Locator on github.

There will be on the 4th of May a Event to get more Details on this Project… Maybe intresting for some guys.

I will join the Meeting, Maybe See you next Werk.

BR Peter


We cant register anymore

Really i have registered 4h ago… Maybe there is something i can share after the Meeting, or asking for a seconde Meeting.
But anyway there is a good documentation already on github.

BR Peter

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Thanks for sharing this! If you missed the event, we’ve put up the recording now on YouTube:


Yes thanks too, great Project. I have gathered Not yet All Hardware parts, but soon! One question i had. Is it possible to use one raspberry Pi for two camrras? Or due to complexity it is Not possible?

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It looks like it’s possible to connect multiple cameras via the MIPI CSI using something like the Arducam multiplexer (4 HQ Camera Modules with One Raspberry Pi: A Multiple Camera Adapter - YouTube) or the USB ports, but the Raspberry Pi is fairly computationally limited to process the frames at any decent speed. So you would end up lowering your framerate substantially.

There’s probably scope to use multiprocessing and run each camera on a different core? But I’m not super familiar with that, and open to ideas if anyone has them.

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More than one camera unfortunately exceeds the processor power of the Pi, when I review the video it seems like 3-4 FPS. I think what Beda wants to do is not 1 camera + 1 Raspberry by 1 meter, but 1 Raspberry + 2 cameras for 2 meters.